Policies and other boring stuff


Here’s how things usually go down…

If you think you might want me to build something for you I will normally come to your house to discuss and hear what you have in mind and answer any questions you might have.  We talk about wood species, welding, colors…so many fun things! When/if we arrive at a final design, I will write down what the piece to be built will be (material, size, color/finishes, etc…). You can then review, modify and/or accept and sign. If you do decide to commission me to build you a piece, payment must be made in full before I start on it. This starts the clock on your projected delivery date.

If its outside of two weeks before your delivery date, and you get cold feet and decide to back out, don’t worry, you can have your money back, minus a 20% project fee*.  If its inside of that two week window Ive likely started working on your piece. If you decide to back out within that two week window you lose your deposit, but I still finish your piece and deliver it to you. Its up to you then to keep it or sell it or whatever. In the event that I haven’t started work on your piece, you can opt to have me hang on to your material for up to 30 days while you make up your mind (provided I haven’t started fabrication on your piece!) If 30 days have passed, and you haven’t made a decision on what you want built, you can come pick up your material (it is yours, after all) minus 50% of its cost plus the 20% project fee mentioned above. If 30 days have passed and you haven’t picked up your material, it will be donated…. to me 🙂

Delivery. If you live in Park City and commission me to build you a big table or bed or something, I’ll deliver it to you for free. If you live in SLC (as far south as Lehi) delivery will be $50. If you live anywhere else its $1.00/per mile but I only charge one way.  If its a small piece and/or you can come and pick it up that would be super!

Shop visits. While I normally love some company, you are absolutely forbidden to “come and check on your project”. You are welcome to come to the shop and visit anytime…except when Im working on your piece. Dont ask for progress pics. Dont ask for a sneak peek. Far too many times has a client shown up to see how things are going, only to then want to change a bunch of stuff and really mess up my schedule. This really isn’t for me so much as it is for the clients in line waiting behind you. If you all of a sudden want to make a change, call me. If its something I can incorporate without disturbing the schedule I will do everything I can to make it happen for you. Otherwise, plan on receiving the piece we agreed on as noted above.

Everything I do is by hand. There usually isn’t anything typical about a piece. Each one is unique. Each piece of wood is a little different. I spend a good amount of time sourcing the material I use and an equal amount of time arranging it to look good. Variations in wood color and appearance is to be expected and embraced. If this doesn’t sound like you, then Im sure theres and RC Willey not too far away.

If for some reason the piece “isn’t what you pictured it to be” and you’re completely unhappy with how it turned out we can definitely discuss. And in the even that I used a different wood species than what was agreed on or its a completely different color than what you chose, then absolutely! You deserve a refund. If its the right color, right size, right shape, but “isn’t what you pictured it to be”, Well, maybe you should have searched out that RC Willey I mentioned.

Other than that, things go pretty smooth 99.99999% of the time. Ive had a great time building these pieces and met some really great people while doing it. Ive also learned to say “no” to a project that doesn’t jive with what I do. If this ends up being you, don’t take it personally, really, Im doing us both a favor.


*20% project fee is 20% of the total price of the project.

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