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Berlin Conference Table

Posted in Uncategorized on April 14, 2017 by Chuck

Delivered this beauty today to a local company here in Park City. They contacted me with a need for a hip new conference table to go into their new office space, but with a twist.

The company specializes in small startups that get funded by generous investors in and around PC. One question they had for me was if Id be interested in showcasing a table in return for some great exposure to new clients. While I normally have all the work I can handle, I figured it couldn’t hurt…right?

They also needed to keep the cost in check as well so we decided to use pine for the top and some reclaimed gas pipe for the legs. I welded some radius’d end caps on which I thought added a cool twist to things, and also left the random spray paint that was already on the pipe when I found it.

I masked the edges and painted them white for contrast which really makes this thing pop! The spray paint and white edge reminded me of the pieces/sections of the Berlin wall that Ive seen in museums around the world…hence the name.

Whatever its name though, I think it turned out pretty rad!

Preston Table (preview)

Posted in Uncategorized on April 7, 2017 by Chuck

This is one of those tables that I try and imagine how it will look when its done but could never imagine it turning out this good.

Ive known Preston and his wife Jen for a while. About a year ago he asked if he could build a table with me for their new house. And because Preston isn’t a total tool I said “sure!”

I met preston at the lumber supplier so he could check out some different wood species and he swung for the fence! 8/4″ walnut (8/4 is 2″ incase you were wondering…eight quarter inches…two inches…dig?) and it was gorgeous!

We designed and insane trestle base for this thing with a bench that mimics the table and things couldn’t have turned out better.

We basically created an 8 foot long butcher block. The sanding we did (the sanding Preston did) took days….its SO FREAKIN SMOOTH! We filled cracks. Sanded more (Preston sanded more), and then Preston sanded even more.

There was no way we were schmearing poly on this thing. Opting instead for some natural beeswax to bring out the character of the wood, which is why this post is a “preview”. I need to go back down to Prestons house now that they’re all moved in and the table is waxed and get some good pics of this thing!

The steel base consists of 3/8 x 5″ plate that I welded up. Its partially mortised into the sides of the table which creates subtle shadow lines and I designed the trestle base so no fasteners would show..actually, there are no fasteners visible anywhere on this table. SO snazzy…I know!

All in all a fun experience. I learned that Im horrible at getting anything done when theres someone in the shop that will pretend they’re interested in my mercurial musings. I also learned that I can push off all the sucky sanding onto the apprentice while I do “more important” work….

Anyway, look for an updated post with finished (and hopefully less sucky) pics soon!

No posts for a long time!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 9, 2017 by Chuck

WOW! You’d think I’ve been laying around doing nothing for almost a year! I think my last post was in April or May or somethin’!

Well, I can’t say that Ive been building too much; A pretty horrific crash on my bike left me with three broken ribs and A LOT of pain and recovery last year.

I did manage to build a few things though. An enormous quantity of metal railing, both indoor and outdoor, as well as a decent size remodel to part of our house.

So while I can say with all honesty that I have in fact been somewhat busy, I was definitely lacking in the “new posts” department.

Anywhoooo… Im back. Officially. Im going to be accepting a few new clients to carry me through until the booger-eaters are out of school and summer officially begins!

Below are some really, really, REALLY bad pics of some of the projects Ive been working on while I was busy not posting on the old blog-er-oo.

As always, drop me a line if you’d like to discuss having a pice built and thanks for stoppin’ by!

Julie’s Table

Posted in Uncategorized on May 23, 2016 by Chuck

Quite possibly my favorite piece to date. Theres a good chance that I just might build this table again to put in our dining room. I had a hard time parting with it to be completely honest.

A mix of hardwood planks make up the top, 6×6 timbers for the legs and some European Beech rounds out (pun intended) the lazy Susan.

Julie had sent me a few pics of tables she liked so I had a pretty good jumping-off point but I wanted to come up with something a little different that ¬†would make this table even more unique. A pedestal base is far from unique, but the table called for it. I came up with the idea to arrange the legs 90 degrees from what their standard projection would normally be and fabricate a custom knife connection for attachment. And I don’t have a saw that can cut the deep mortises in the legs needed to fit around the knife connection…wait…yes I do (insert chainsaw sound)!

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to use the chainsaw for a piece of furniture, but its the first time I had to use it with this much precision. Turns out Im better with a chainsaw than I thought I would be…so I guess I got that going for me?

But anyway..this table is awesome. Thank you Julie for letting me run wild with this!





Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2016 by Chuck

Ive been counting the days. Even tho its rained seemingly nonstop here for the last two months, summer is right around the corner. And can you guess what that means? It means no more furniture! Yaaay!! No more furniture and a lot of bike riding!

This coffee table, along with an insane outdoor dining table (pics very soon!) represent the last two pieces I will be doing for the summer, maybe even the rest of 2016 – so a pre-emptive “thank you” to everyone who commissioned pieces this year! Although short, this has been the most rewarding and creative year for me yet…so once again, thank you, everyone who supported MA in 2016!

Now back to the coffee table. How cool is this thing! A maple top, banded with 1″ steel sits atop an airy base that I welded up. A little contemporary, a little rustic, a lot rad!



Whiskey Tables…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 29, 2016 by Chuck

Finished these awesome little side tables this week. Im a sucker for this look…wood and steel…all it needs now is a glass of High West Whiskey and a cozy leather chair!




Jeff’s Table

Posted in Uncategorized on April 25, 2016 by Chuck

Delivered this to Jeff over the weekend. I must have some bad karma going or something’…the last two back-breaking tables Ive delivered had to be carried up two flights of stairs and this one was no featherweight either.

A mix of Maple, Poplar, Walnut and what I think is some Beech make up the top to this awesome piece. I ripped the 6×6 blocks using a sled for my table saw that I built in an attempt to keep things straight which worked out pretty good. But I think I might have to invest in a large bandsaw if I continue to use these larger timbers. All the dicking around I did with shims and clamps and the planer and other beeloney really added to my shop time on this one. Its all good tho as it turned out so cool that I landed another client because of it.

Anyhows…I used 3/8 x 4 steel plate for the bases and this sucker is STOUT! My design for them was somewhat of a departure from my normal, boring, perpendicular style that I often use and they turned out great! I just wasn’t able to get a good pic of how they angle out towards the ends and taper at the bottom. I still have two side tables and a coffee table to deliver to Jeff tho so maybe I will try and snap some better pics when I drop those off (hopefully) this week.

Thanks, Jeff for letting me run wild with this!