Cushman Wakefield Project

This was a big one.

Jeff at Cushman Wakefield contacted me with a request to build some tables to finish out their break room at their office in downtown SLC. The request was simple enough; It couldn’t look like it came from Crate and Barrel.


There wasn’t too much back and forth on design with this one. Jeff emailed me a few pics, I emailed him a design that I came up with, he said go with it.

Ok. (we’re rockin’ already!)

Due to the number of pieces in this project and the fact that I dont have a ton of space to build and store stuff, I had to get the tables done, load them in the trailer and then start on the benches. I normally like to kinda build stuff like this in unison because I like to pair them together during fabrication and have a looky-look how they mesh and maybe change or adjust they design if need be. I didn’t have that luxury with this build tho.

Given the design of the tables, and the fact that the benches needed to be able to slide completely under the tables, I had to get creative with the design of the benches to accommodate the trestle. I had a few ideas of what I was gonna do but in the end, but given the fact that the tables were already in the trailer nested on top of each other, I wasn’t able to play around with the design after seeing them paired up… so I just went with it. I think everything turned out pretty rad too.

Thank you so much to Jeff and the rest of the gang at Cushman Wakefield for commissioning this project. And an extra thanks to Jeff for taking time out of his day to muscle the tables and benches into the freight elevator with me! (last pic of everything loaded into a 12×6 trailer!)



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