Kelly’s Bench

How cool did this turn out! Not gonna lie…kinda blew me up a little bit. Its hard enough to weld two things EXACTLY the same, but these bases aren’t welded..they’re BENT! And there’s THREE of them! You wanna talk about measure twice and cut once, this was more like measure ten times and bend, then tweak, then cold-set a little bit…but guess what? They are EXACTLY the same! And if you’re asking yourself why Im making such a big deal about this, its because they all have to sit level on the floor so the bench isn’t all wonky.

And it isn’t.

Kelly is a loyal client whose house has more of my stuff in it than my own house does. Let me tell you…its very flattering to go to her house and see all of the stuff Ive built for her over the years.

So thank you (again), Kelly!

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