Tom And Kristen’s Bar Stools

I think it was like three years ago that Tom reached out to me to build him some stools. We chatted, traded pics… all the stuff that goes into designing something cool, right? But the stools remained ghosts…for three years. Then a couple months ago we started talking about the stools…again! But this time, the stools became real!

So a little backstory about this whole project. Tom and Kristen have this INSANE house here in Park City. Not insane like those idiotic, 10k s/f super mansions that no one lives in, insane like – super cool, 100 year old, old town, renovated sooooo perfectly, insane houses. This wasn’t just a “oh lets go to Poverty Barn and pick out some stools” kinda thing…hell no! This was a “Lets build some kick-ass bar stools that will be the perfect addition to this insane house!” kinda thing.

So we did.

Steel frames with 100 year old “Pickle-Wood” from pickle vats in PA, with custom leather backs sewn up by none other than Diamond Jim Davis himself! And oh, did I mention that theres TWELVE OF THEM!?

How friggin cool….

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