Cliff and Stanna’s Table

Cliff and Stanna live here in Park City. They built an incredible house in an incredible location and thus, needed an incredible dining table…duh!

This is another one that took a LOOOOONG time to deliver. I remember talking to Stanna in August when she asked, “how long until its delivered?” I said, “Well, it won’t be two weeks but it definitely won’t be Thanksgiving either”

So, a couple days before Thanksgiving Stanna finally gets here table.

In my defense tho, the solid surface guy was the hangup…god knows I never procrastinate…ever! Yeah right!

Anyway, lets get to the table. I mean look at this thing! A Walnut base with a solid surface top called Neolith that is supposedly diamond tough. I edge banded (twice) with Walnut to build up a nice, durable edge and then finished off with two 20″ Walnut leafs, or leaves (both correct if you’re wondering).

At 65 inches in diameter, it spreads apart to over 100 inches to accommodate larger dinner parties, or possibly an aircraft landing. Its big.

Hands down the most intricate, up at night thinking about how Im gonna build it, detailed piece I’ve done to date.

Merci Cliff and Stanna!

(will hopefully update with better pics at some point…and pay no attention to it being wet, it spent the night in my trailer for an early delivery and started to sweat when we brought it in)

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