Awesome-Dave’s Table and Benches

Hammered these out for a close friend of mine whose been asking me to build him a table for quite some time.  Daves a pretty cool guy… mountain biker, fisherman, whiskey drinker… a man’s man, if you will. So he wasn’t having anything too terribly fancy, but he still wanted it to be rad, and it had to be functional.

He sent me a few pics of some stuff he saw that he liked but as with any two guys, discussing furniture design always took a backset to more important conversation topics…like mountain biking, fishing, and drinking whiskey!

But once Dave knew that I knew what he was after he pretty much just told me to run with it… and here’s the result.

A killer Maple top with Walnut legs and matching benches. Definitely at home in any “man’s” house!

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