Berlin Conference Table

Delivered this beauty today to a local company here in Park City. They contacted me with a need for a hip new conference table to go into their new office space, but with a twist.

The company specializes in small startups that get funded by generous investors in and around PC. One question they had for me was if Id be interested in showcasing a table in return for some great exposure to new clients. While I normally have all the work I can handle, I figured it couldn’t hurt…right?

They also needed to keep the cost in check as well so we decided to use pine for the top and some reclaimed gas pipe for the legs. I welded some radius’d end caps on which I thought added a cool twist to things, and also left the random spray paint that was already on the pipe when I found it.

I masked the edges and painted them white for contrast which really makes this thing pop! The spray paint and white edge reminded me of the pieces/sections of the Berlin wall that Ive seen in museums around the world…hence the name.

Whatever its name though, I think it turned out pretty rad!

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