Preston Table (preview)

This is one of those tables that I try and imagine how it will look when its done but could never imagine it turning out this good.

Ive known Preston and his wife Jen for a while. About a year ago he asked if he could build a table with me for their new house. And because Preston isn’t a total tool I said “sure!”

I met preston at the lumber supplier so he could check out some different wood species and he swung for the fence! 8/4″ walnut (8/4 is 2″ incase you were wondering…eight quarter inches…two inches…dig?) and it was gorgeous!

We designed and insane trestle base for this thing with a bench that mimics the table and things couldn’t have turned out better.

We basically created an 8 foot long butcher block. The sanding we did (the sanding Preston did) took days….its SO FREAKIN SMOOTH! We filled cracks. Sanded more (Preston sanded more), and then Preston sanded even more.

There was no way we were schmearing poly on this thing. Opting instead for some natural beeswax to bring out the character of the wood, which is why this post is a “preview”. I need to go back down to Prestons house now that they’re all moved in and the table is waxed and get some good pics of this thing!

The steel base consists of 3/8 x 5″ plate that I welded up. Its partially mortised into the sides of the table which creates subtle shadow lines and I designed the trestle base so no fasteners would show..actually, there are no fasteners visible anywhere on this table. SO snazzy…I know!

All in all a fun experience. I learned that Im horrible at getting anything done when theres someone in the shop that will pretend they’re interested in my mercurial musings. I also learned that I can push off all the sucky sanding onto the apprentice while I do “more important” work….

Anyway, look for an updated post with finished (and hopefully less sucky) pics soon!

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