Jeff’s Table

Delivered this to Jeff over the weekend. I must have some bad karma going or something’…the last two back-breaking tables Ive delivered had to be carried up two flights of stairs and this one was no featherweight either.

A mix of Maple, Poplar, Walnut and what I think is some Beech make up the top to this awesome piece. I ripped the 6×6 blocks using a sled for my table saw that I built in an attempt to keep things straight which worked out pretty good. But I think I might have to invest in a large bandsaw if I continue to use these larger timbers. All the dicking around I did with shims and clamps and the planer and other beeloney really added to my shop time on this one. Its all good tho as it turned out so cool that I landed another client because of it.

Anyhows…I used 3/8 x 4 steel plate for the bases and this sucker is STOUT! My design for them was somewhat of a departure from my normal, boring, perpendicular style that I often use and they turned out great! I just wasn’t able to get a good pic of how they angle out towards the ends and taper at the bottom. I still have two side tables and a coffee table to deliver to Jeff tho so maybe I will try and snap some better pics when I drop those off (hopefully) this week.

Thanks, Jeff for letting me run wild with this!


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