Live Edge Table

Liisa missed her true calling in life, I think. She should have been a farmer. Thats the kind of patience she has. She cut me a check for this table last year! And while finding the perfect slab of wood isn’t easy, she was way less stressed out about how long it was taking than I was.

Once we did find a slab that would work, everything else went fairly quick. She was pretty specific about the style of legs/base she wanted me to fabricate and her vision was spot on. This thing looks so rad!

The slab is Guanacaste wood. This species is gaining popularity over more traditional wood like walnut, oak or maple due to its sustainability, hardness and gorgeous grain pattern. Its also slightly more affordable, which is nice.

The bases are 1×3 steel that I cut and fabricated and have a brushed satin finish that couldn’t have turned out better.

Thanks again, Liisa…so grateful that you commissioned me to build this killer table for you.
Update 4/15/2017:

Im getting a lot of people asking what a live edge table would cost. Because the slabs vary so much in size/quality/thickness there is no way for me to give you a price until we find your slab. Generally, these pieces of wood can range from about $1200 to $2000 with some slabs costing well over $5000.  It all comes down to which wood species you’re looking at, the size of the slab and whether or not it needs to be sanded, dried or otherwise prepped for fabrication.

I price a table this way; Cost of the slab, including any industrial prep that needs to be done (drying, sanding, etc…), plus 20%. The 20% covers all of my time picking up the slab, transporting the slab, etc… Then the cost of the legs/base, which can vary depending on the clients tastes. A starting point for a traditional leg assembly similar to the one in these pics is $1200.

Also, finding the right slab takes some time. We might get lucky and find the right one very quickly, but expect to wait a few weeks while I do my digging.









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