Thats me. Id normally argue that moniker but lately I’ve been pretty bad at posting new projects. Holidays…vacations…truly being a slacker….they all add up to the perfect storm of inactivity on the old blogg-er-oo.

But alas, I have been building! Maybe not with the ferver I usually do, but building none the less.

These two little beauties went to Samantha and Scott, who are not only my best clients, but two of the coolest people I know.

Sam contacted me about building two twin beds that could be slid together to make a king when/if ever needed. A simple enough request but as I got to designing the beds there were a couple things that really had to be thought out so that when slid together you don’t have an abyss of a gap betwixt the two mattresses, and also, it doesnt look like you just slid two punk-ass twin beds together to make it look like you roll king size!

Classic, functional and fun!

Chuck =1 ….Poverty Barn = 0


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