The beginning of the end

Im waiting on some materials for the last of the commissioned projects that I will be doing for 2015. Once those two pieces are finished, I’ll be starting work on a few things that Ive wanted to build and taking a break from commissioned work for a while. But, since Im waiting for materials, Ive had a little spare time on my hands so I decided to whip up two end tables that Ive been thinking about.

Yesterday was one of two National Color Days. I randomly discovered this during some meaningless web browsing I was doing on them world wide innanets. I can’t help but think that there was some cosmic connection between National Color Day and my decision to paint the bases of these tables a crazy blue/green/aqua/turquoise color. Probably not…but whatever…they turned out to so cool!

The tops are made from reclaimed pine with a hint of live edge still left on one side. Normally these pieces of wood that I find are often being thrown away because for some reason people seem to overlook the beauty of the large knots that are traditionally considered defects. I couldn’t disagree more. Who the heck likes boring, straight grained, plastic looking wood? I don’t. Which is probably why I noticed these.

I have enough material to make four more of these tables. I will be offering them up for sale in the near future so stay tuned for details on where to purchase them as well as a few color choices for the bases (white, red, orange, green…). In the meantime, these two are available for purchase right now.

Offered at $300/ea





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