Blast From the Past…and the Future!

I was digging through a bunch of old pics the other day and came across some stuff I built a loooong time ago…so long ago that I actually laughed when I saw the pics because I had forgotten all about them!  Things were definitely different for MA back then.  I only built a few thing each year and there were no real clients or customers…it was all stuff I built for hobby and would then take to a local furniture consignment store and sell.  Things were pretty simple back then too.  Not that Ive had any crazy clients that hated what they had me build for them, but theres always that feeling of “man…I hope they like this piece when they see it” kinda thing whenever I commission a project.

Which brings us to the future.  While I will still commission pieces such as tables and beds for clients, Im going to be building and selling more things that I design. I’ll offer these pieces through my website, Etsy, Custom Made, as well as local classifieds and possibly even a few local consignment stores (if they’re lucky) but things will be quite a bit cheaper if you buy directly from me.  Things I will be focussing on are end tables, coffee tables, lighting and smaller furniture like stools and benches.  This is mainly because I can store this stuff a lot easier than a ten foot dining table…well…that, and I really dig this kind of stuff!

Other (less fun) changes that will be coming for 2016 are:

1. I will no longer do any “site-work”. This means that if you want me to come and do something to your house like line a wall with barnwood or build an outdoor somethin-er-nuther, it aint happening. My time is better spent in the shop, which is where I would rather be anyway.  There are plenty of handymen around to help you out with this and if any of you know me you know that I absolutely loathe home improvement.

2. If you commission me to build you a big piece like a table or bed, payment must be made in full before I start on it. Once payment is made I will give you an estimated time of completion then source your material.
If its outside of two weeks before your delivery date, and you get cold feet and decide to back out, don’t worry, you can have your money back, minus a 20% project fee.  If its inside of that two week window Ive likely started work on your piece. If you decide to back out within that two week window you lose your deposit, but I still finish your piece and deliver it to you. Its up to you then to keep it or sell it or whatever. Or, You can opt to have me hang on to your material for up to 30 days while you make up your mind (provided I haven’t started fabrication on your piece) Once 30 days have passed, and in the event you haven’t made a decision on what you want built, you can come pick up your material (it is yours, after all) and a refund for 50% of its cost. If 30 days have passed and you haven’t picked up your material, it will be donated…. to me 🙂

3. Delivery. If you live in Park City and commission me to build you a big table or bed or something, I’ll deliver it to you for free. If you live in SLC (as far south as Lehi) delivery will be $50. If you live anywhere else its $1.00/per mile but I only charge one way.  If its a small piece and/or you can come and pick it up that would be super!

Im officially booked for the rest of 2015 (update 11/25: booked until Feb 2016) and won’t be taking new clients until February 2016 but I would like to say thank you to everyone who supported Modern Americana in 2015. It was a really fun year!  I still need to post some pics of work that Ive done…so sorry to those of you that haven’t made the front page yet.

In the meantime, you can amuse yourself with a few pics of some of the stuff I built a long, long time ago.

Be well, and we’ll see you in 2016!














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