JP’s ladder

This is one of those pieces, that once installed, looked like it was supposed to have always been there.

JP contacted me about building this Library Ladder to compliment the large, built-in book case in his family’s living room. It was also to be a surprise to his wife who was out of town for the summer!

After some discussion about the look, feel and function of what was to be the final product we settled on a design and I went to work. The ladder is made from 0.75″ thick Oak and the rail from 1.25″ diameter steel tube that I fabricated custom mounting brackets for. While the ladder might look like it required the most effort to build, the rail itself definitely called for more planning and detail. The rail is 14′ long and getting all those brackets to be on the same plane and lay flat against the book case they would be mounted to was not an easy task! I know it might sound simple at first but the fact that the rail is round left me no truly reliable reference point to align the brackets with. Careful setup and help from a digital angle finder though helped me to weld on all of those mounting brackets exactly on the same plane. This made installation a breeze as well as making the final product a thing of beauty.

JP also wanted the ladder to be able to hang vertically and out of the way so after some very careful and precise measuring I added a second set of holes to the ladder that would allow this.

Pretty cool…if I do say so myself.



IMG_4954 IMG_4960




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