The 1902 Couch

Can anyone guess how I came up with the name?

This outdoor couch is so cool. It will spend the rest of its days on Kelly and Brads front porch but after seeing it completed I would make the argument that it would do equally well indoors too.

Reclaimed ponderosa pine for the sides and fir for the bench and back…this puppy is 10 freakin feet long and weighs about 250 pounds!

It will be getting some custom made seat cushions and some cool throw pillows for the back (hopefully red!). I can’t wait to see it once its been made all comfy.

Im planning on building one of these for my back deck along with some similar lounge (maybe rocking) chairs so stay tuned for pics….don’t hold your breath tho…I have some beds to build and a bike race to train for and its summer and……

Anyways….I liked the way this turned out so much that I will be offering it as a catalog item. $2200




thumb_IMG_4442_1024 thumb_IMG_4444_1024 thumb_IMG_4445_1024

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