Kelly’s Kick-Ass Picnic Table

To call this a picnic table is a disservice to the table itself. While it may hold true in form to what we know as a picnic table, this thing has so much more going for it.

Reclaimed redwood arranged the short way is one of the coolest looks, I think. And this particular wood has soooooooo much character! I skip-planed the boards which adds some dimension and then sealed everything up with exterior poly. I didn’t want to sand these boards too much and remove all of the great texture they have so I went with a few extra coats of poly to make sure no one will be getting any splinters while they’re eating their 4th of July bratwurst. Im not normally a fan of so much poly but being that this table wasn’t cheap, and it is going to spend its life outside, the extra poly is warranted in this case.

Custom welded legs and cross-brace by yours truly (thank you…..thank you…). I went for a little contrast with this base. For the x-braces/legs I used 2×4 rectangle tube that I cut and welded, then applied a steel blackener which doesn’t really “blacken” the steel as much as it blue/gray/brown-eners it. In either case, it worked out great. For the trestle I figured that the table could handle a little round-ness so I found some 2×3 oval tube that I swirled with a flapper wheel for some depth and luster. I hit all the steel with a gloss poly and the results are incredible.

Thanks, Kelly for letting me run wild with this! Always a pleasure!



thumb_IMG_4068_1024 thumb_IMG_4060_1024 thumb_IMG_4059_1024 thumb_IMG_4058_1024

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