Reclaimed Industrial Coffee Table

So Im doing a little spring cleaning in the shop and going through a bunch of material that Ive acquired over the years. I found these cool steel braces that were once used for industrial shelving that I picked up on one of my “picking” adventures.

I had been wanting to use them for something for a while but never got around to it. So rather than moving them (again) I decided to quit cleaning and build something….this hip little coffee table.

Pretty cool little piece, I think. The top is reclaimed pine from the steps of the Mangy Moose Saloon in Jackson, WY. I was a construction manager on a big project at Teton Village years ago and these were in the dumpster. So… I did what any normal person would do…climbed into the dumpster and rescued as many pieces as I could that were still salvageable. And a little accent breadboard of hickory adds some pop.

Im kinda kicking myself in the butt though now after I built the coffee table….I don’t have any more of the braces but I wish I would have used the other ends/halves and made two killer side tables instead. But I had already cut everything and well….

Anyway…Im sure I’ll find more stuff to turn into cooler stuff as time goes by so Im not gonna beat myself up over it.

Offered at $400



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