Buck Urban Stools

I had this teacher back in grade school…Mr Urban, or “Buck”, if you will. The guy had the worst toupee you could imagine, big crazy nerd glasses and most kids thought his class was a joke. But the guy was built like a racehorse, ran like a gazelle and if you did end up pissing him off….well…you didn’t, because back then a teacher could still give ya a slap without a bunch of bleeding hearts trying to burn them at the stake. And this guy didn’t hesitate to remind you that you were still a 12 year old punk-ass kid with a smart mouth and no direction.

So why the “Buck Urban” stool? Well…no reason really… other than the name is pretty cool…but thanks for reading about a cool teacher I had when I was a kid though.

These stools we something I had dreamed up laying in bed at night as I often do, thinking of cool (well to me at least) stuff I can build in between “real” work.

Leftover pieces of 100 year old redwood from pickle vats in Pennsylvania that I painstakingly carved out so your butt has the utmost comfort, married to one of my favorite size/shapes of steel and Wha-la…the Buck Urban stools.

Nerdy? No. Bad-ass? You’re damn right.

Four available. Contact me for pricing SOLD





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