Anyone still here?

Ok…whew……finally back in the shop after waaaayyyyyy too long.

Ive been lackadaisically redoing one of the bathrooms here at our house since the first of the year. I hate tile work. I hate plumbing. I hate remodeling of all sorts. But, having the knowledge and know how to do it makes me the sucker that gets stuck doing it.  In hindsight its all good though I guess. It saves us a shitload of money and I did get to build a cool vanity so I should prolly quit my bitchin.

I guess the bathroom wasn't a complete waste of time....

I guess the bathroom wasn’t a complete waste of time….

Anywho….back to the back in the shop part. Im finally getting around to working on some stools that Ive been thinking about for a while. These will end up at a furniture and design gallery here in PC when finished (more details about that later).

Heres a sneak peak of the fabrication. These take a fair amount of time to build. The steel base, being so thin, requires a careful weld pattern and a lot of cold-setting throughout the welding process to keep things square. I am also adding threaded feet on the bottom of them which required a bunch of drilling and a lifetimes worth of hand tapping/threading (add tapping to the list of things I hate above).

Along with all the cutting and welding and drilling and tapping Im carving out the seats so yer butt fits in there all nice and comfy-like. Lets just say that this makes an incredible amount of sawdust/wood shavings that take about as much time to clean up as carving each seat…it literally goes everywhere!

These are gonna be cool…finished details/photos to follow as well as a killer reclaimed farm table coming down the pipeline shortly after!

Stay tuned, kids!






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