Left to my own devices…

…I come up with shit like this.


Im in the middle of finishing a small breakfast table for a client but hold-ups at the powder coater on the legs left me with a couple days to build stuff that Ive had way back in the files of my mind for some time.

This is a barn door that you won’t find anywhere else…not on Houzz…not on Pinterest…not on Etsy…and you’re not gonna go out and have someone replicate it either…and heres why.

The rollers are over 100 years old. Patented in 1901, they are from a factory near my hometown in IL. I had to fabricate new pins and sleeves as one was missing but the wheels roll incredibly smooth for how old they are.

The wood…Israeli missile crates that I found way back when while I was out doing a little “picking”. Years of toting these crates around war zones has left the wood with incredible patina and character. I arranged the pieces in a parquet-esque/random fashion to showcase the intricacies of the different pieces of wood that made up the crates.

I found the crazy piece of wood that I used for the headed while I was out on another adventure and knew right away What I was going to use it for.

I still have to finish the handle but I have an idea for it and will probably bang it out here within the next day or so.

Anyway, this piece is cool…quite possibly my favorite thing Ive built for our house to date.

I am considering offering this for sale, please contact me if you’re interested and we can talk.





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