Pacifico Bed


Contemporary, but intentionally raw and unrefined, this bed is the result of a year long request by my wife, Heather to build a bed for us and ditch that crappy IKEA thing we got when we bought our house.

I built this bed entirely from European Beech. Its not a very exotic wood but it carries with it some incredible grain and beautiful defects/knots. This particular wood is reclaimed shipping dunnage that I intentionally left in its raw, rough planed state in order to add to the mood of this bed.

Pacifico, by definition, refers to a peaceful person, or more specifically, a native of Cuba or the Philippine Islands who did not resist the Spanish occupation. I prefer the former and actually got the inspiration for the name while building it, being reminded of (get ready to laugh) Disney World in FL…specifically the Polynesian Hotel where we stay. The shape and form reminded me of the architecture there and the Pacific ocean popped into my head….and there ya have it…the Pacifico bed…peaceful, tropical…but at home in any part of the world.

Also, even though it took me a year to build this for my wife, it is actually being offered for sale. As I mentioned in a previous post, some upcoming changes for MA are forthcoming and one is that I will be building more original, personal pieces and offering them for sale as well, in addition to accepting new clientele….hence the availability of this particular bed. Offered at $2200. SOLD


I should just give up trying to make a bed…the sheets, that is…

IMG_1566 IMG_1564 IMG_1562

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