Out on a limb….

Im pretty much wrapped up with projects for the year….one breakfast table left to do for a client and then its personal/home projects for the rest of the year. This is something I built recently that I thought turned out really cool. I love mixing organics in with design. It was a fallen tree limb that I had ridden my bike past like a million times and finally decided one day to lug it home with me. I used reclaimed rebar that I bent for the arms and mounted it to the wall with screws through the holes that the arms go in so there are no visible fasteners…I know, I know…Im a genius (hey…its my story!). The candles are the fake ones but they have a nifty little remote to turn em on and off and actually look pretty good, I think…and they even smell like vanilla! Pret-ty snazzy!

Anyway…there ya have it…the branch/tree candle holder light do-hicky thing…now I just have to get to work on a bed to replace that beat-ass, fossil of a sleigh bed in there!





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