Navajo Benches

For 2015 I will be implementing a few changes to Modern Americana. One such change is that I will no longer be doing any “duplicate” work. This means no “I saw this table at Restoration Hardware that I love…can you build it for me?” kinda stuff, nor will I be replicating pieces Ive done for past clients.

Although this isn’t a replica of anything, the bases on these benches were powder coated the same color as the legs of the Painted Sky Table I recently delivered. This is due to two things…one, I wanted to see the blue with a darker wood…and two, its friggin awesome!

My great friend Kelly had asked me to build her two benches for her entry way like a year ago. Thankfully, she is quite patient and puts up with my shit and waited for me to build her these because they turned out ridiculously kick-ass!

The tops are 3″ thick redwood from a 100 year old pickle factory in PA. Over the years the chemicals had given the wood a most beautiful patina that would be impossible to reproduce in a faux finish…you just can’t make new wood old…not like this.

The bases are 5/8″ square stock that I welded up. I tapped threads into the bottom cross member before fabrication to allow for leveling feet and floor pads that made for a super clean look.

Kelly was once again kind enough to let me run wild with the design which always makes for a fun build for me. Thanks again Kelly for allowing me to turn out these incredible pieces for you!

Liam gives the benches his approval!

Liam gives the benches his approval!











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