The Hamilton Desk

IMG_1620.JPG 2

So, I used to sit at a desk. Yup…desk, computer…phone…all the stuff that goes with it. But my desk was cold….and bile yellow…and institutional…I wonder if thats why I don’t have a desk job anymore?

Perhaps if that desk looked a bit more like this one rather than the hideous thing I was given I might still be at that desk job…nah…not my style. But it would have definitely helped Im sure!

I just delivered this to one of my best clients, Camron. It will serve as her husbands new desk in his swanky new office.

Our initial design was cool…but it had typical desk geometry and overhangs but it just wasn’t “it”. We juggled a few things around and came up with a rustic, modern desk that even the most masculine of men would be proud to sit at…The Hamilton Desk!

We ditched the overhangs and other typical, typical desk designs in favor of an edgier, more stout appearance and stained a beautiful honey-brown that looks killer with the steel legs. Simple drawer faces that mimic the straight lines and form of the desk and there ya go….super happy with the way this turned out.

Theres even a small table to go with for meetings to round things out as a killer aluminum dry-erase board that I’ll be finishing within a week or so….stay tuned!

Thank you Camron and Adam!

(sorry for the not-so-great pics…the office space is just getting finished)


IMG_1623.JPG 2

the desk that smiles back?



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