The “Painted Sky” Table

IMG_1206I end up really liking most everything I build.  Cool beds…tables…I usually don’t build anything that I end up saying “I wouldn’t put that in my house”.

Then, theres this – I would have this in my house…..I would actually love to have this in my house…perhaps more than any other piece to date.  I love this table. There, I said it.

This table has been the single largest effort I have done on anything Ive built since Ive started Modern Americana way-back-when.

It started out like most projects do…emailing pics back and forth with the client…talking…deciding…un-deciding and the re-deciding…all the good stuff that goes into coming up with this incredible idea for a table.

I designed these legs in Autocad and had the silhouettes cut on a water jet machine for precision. Once cut, I began the tedious chore of tack welding and bending more steel around the silhouettes to make a solid leg. All in all I have over 50hrs alone in fabrication on these legs! It was no small task. Once welded up and ground smooth, the legs were powder coated “Navajo Copper”. A brilliant combination of turquoise with small “veins” of copper showing through…just spectacular!

Then, theres the 300lb slab of Poplar for the top. Lets just say that I owe my neighbors a few beers for helping me move this monster of a piece of wood when I needed to…which was quite often!

The top was originally planned to be bleached white, but mockups tended to look a bit “cartoonish”. The client and I decided to simply poly the natural wood and let the beauty of the natural grain compliment the amazing color of the legs.

This table is cool…Thank you Samantha and Scott.









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  1. […] of anything, the bases on these benches were powder coated the same color as the legs of the Painted Sky Table I recently delivered. This is due to two things…one, I wanted to see the blue with a darker […]

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