Composite Construction

So Im getting started on an executive desk and work table for a great client of mine, Camron. The design she wanted was a combination of a wood top and sides with steel legs. Now, normally I would come up with an attachment method that involves me welding on a tab or some other piece of steel that I would drill a hole in and then bolt to the wood…but this design wouldn’t allow for that. And obviously, I can’t weld wood to steel…so I had to come up with a different way to attach the wood sides to the steel legs…enter….the Cannoli Leg (ok…thats lame…I know). I figured I would rip some wood to a size that would fit nice and snug inside the steel leg, take a little extra time measuring and drilling the legs to allow a screw to go through and Wha-la! We are joining wood to wood! (applause)

I know…I know…genius right? Nah…fairly common practice…but super neat anyway!



All stuffed up with woody goodness! sneaky!

…so sneaky!

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