Its Complicated….

Normally, I work without a net. A table…a bed…I pretty much have this idea in my head and just wing it. I arrange legs and such throughout the build based on clients dimensions as well as aesthetics to come up with a version of what I have pictured in my mind. Theres definitely a game plan…but no real “plan”.

But when it comes to stuff like drawers and tight tolerances and other things that make my brain hurt, I need to get all techy and nerdy and draw things in Autocad….like this….

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 7.21.31 AM

This is going to be a desk for one of my awesome, repeat clients, Camron. It started as a sketch she sent me, went through a few discussions and modifications and finally resulted in this. Im not quite finished with it….have to buff it out a little bit more, but once I add dimensions and make a material list, this makes fabrication super precise and much more streamlined.

There is also a work station table that will accompany this desk that is really cool as well. Delivery is scheduled for early November and Im really looking forward to seeing this installed….stay tuned!

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