Walt and Sarah’s Table…and Chuck’s new frame!


So I keep telling Walt that Im getting the better deal in this…I built he and his wife a table, he builds me a sweet new custom fat-bike frame. He insists that Im wrong and that somehow he is getting the better deal….but I disagree. I mean…c’mon….a table? Or a bike? Bike wins it for me every time. Maybe that because I don’t know how to build bikes and Walt is a super crafty, number crunching, way faster than me, perfectionist frame builder ( www.http://waltworks.blogspot.com ) and all I know how to do is make sawdust : (

But whatever…we brought the table to Walt’s house today and he was thrilled…and I must admit, the table is pretty rad.

Walt and his wife Sarah wanted a clean look while still staying true to a traditional farm style table. After our discussion, Sarah decided  to ditch the trestle for ease of cleaning and opted for an uncomplicated presentation that works perfectly for this table.

Furniture grade pine for the top and European Beech for the legs…this table is at home in any setting!




Really...You thought Id leave out a pic of the frame?

Really…You thought Id leave out a pic of the frame?

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