Tate Work Station


Kelly and Brad are awesome. Its flattering enough that they are repeat customers of mine but when Kelly gave me the green light to have creative control on a work station table for her, that really meant a lot.

Kelly teaches special needs children in her home. She needed a sensible, durable table for her study sessions with one request…that it have frosted glass so her students could use it as a dry erase board. Well…that and it needed to look completely awesome and fit into their killer new home as well.

I have had this design in my head for quite some time and Im really happy that I was able to make it a reality. If anyone knows me, they know that I love wood and steel together. This table is obviously no exception. I laminated pine to make the legs, the sandwiched them between some 0.25″ thick steel flat bar. The horizontal bracing is 1 x 1.5″ that was pickled and oiled, removing any mill-scale. The result is that the actual steel (silver color) is visible rather than the dark, gray mill-scale on the legs. This makes for a great contrast and brings out the counter sunk wood screws and makes for a perfect combination when paired with the dark honey stain color. Add in the frosted glass top and YOWSA! The Tate Work Station. …This thing is sweeeeeeet!

I am offering this piece as a catalog item. Available in 48″ x 48″ x 30″ high for $1650. Custom sizes are avail as well. Please call to discuss.







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