The Hunky Bed

Ok…so we couldn’t come up with a legitimate name when we were designing this bed…the customer one day referred to it as “…that really hunky looking one” and the name just stuck.

Seeing the end result, I tend to think that “Hunky” is quite fitting.

This is seriously my favorite bed to date. The crappy pics I took with my iPhone don’t even begin to do it justice.

The head and foot bases are beams from a 100 year old barn in northern Utah and weigh about 200lbs each! The headboard pieces are truss members from the same barn. I sourced some locally harvested rough-sawn pine for the rails and stained them a rich, dark ampler color for some contrast to the aged, gray beams.

For such a simple design, this was a tricky project to bring together as there was nothing on the beams that was even close to being square anymore.

Measuring, measuring again….even a little triangulation and things lined up within millimeters of each other (whew!).

And once again, thank you to Sam and Scott for allowing me to build these amazing pieces for them…you guys are the best!

photo 2


photo 12 photo 11 photo 3 photo 1

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