The Sleigh Bed…revisited

We have a sleigh bed at our house. Just like most sleigh beds, it is a beautiful, timeless tribute to what we know as beds…but, times change and its not exactly our favorite “style” of furniture anymore. It lives in the guest room and makes for a wonderful centerpiece in the room…but…yeah…anyway.

Enter a new take on the infamous Sleigh Bed. This modern classic now resides at Scott and Samantha’s killer new home here in PC. Still true to its form but with a hip twist, I made this bed from reclaimed redwood that came from a building at historic Promontory Point at the Great Salt Lake and welded its cradle from cold rolled steel. I ditched the common method of building a separate head and footboard and joining them with rails, instead, welding the left and right verticals to there respective rails…minimalist, clean…its what this bed wanted. Then I skip-planed the redwood to expose some of the heartwood while still maintaining some of its original rough sawn kerf marks…added a few coats of poly to give it a little depth and…boom….the Modern Americana Sleigh Bed. Possibly my favorite piece to date.

Endless thanks to Scott and Sam for allowing me to build these amazing pieces for them…nothing but fun and inspiration!

photo 5-1

photo 4-1 photo 3-1 photo 2-1 photo 1-1

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