Padauk Bench

So Im building this bench for some clients out of this really cool wood called Padauk. Its from Africa, its super, super dense and weighs a ton…and its sawdust reminds me of finely ground paprika…seriously…its one of the craziest woods Ive ever worked with.  I thought I was pretty much done with it…had fabricated the bases….sanded it…and lubed it up good with tung oil…and thats when I noticed that I wasn’t quite done with it. I had hit it with the orbital sander and 220 grit paper, then even made a few passes by hand with some super-fine 400 grit to really buff things out! But when I hit it with the tung oil…I could see all the lines from when it went through the thickness planer at the mill. Seriously…I can’t even feel these lines/marks but in the right light they make it look like a piece of butcher block….soooooo…looks like we’re making crazy red sawdust for a little while longer tomorrow morning!

photo 1-1 photo 1 photo 2-1 photo 2

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