An Ocean of Tables!

I don’t think I even had this much furniture when we bought our first house…although…our first house wasn’t a wedding reception hall either!

So the conversation started out like this –

“We love this style of table (Poverty Barn) but the price is outrageous…Chuck, can you help us replicate the look and save us some money as well?”


That was it pretty much. The table we used as an example was filled with a ton of unnecessary/decorative metalwork that did in fact look good, but added way too much fabrication time on my end to replicate. After some discussion with the customers, we came up with a very minimalist design that worked out not only to fit their budget, but also nail the look they were going for.

Using a 2″ thick top with 4×4″ legs offered a vintage farm table feel, but omitting the apron and using steel for the legs allowed for the industrial chic look they were after.

I like the result. I like it so much that Im offering this table as a simple, catalogue available piece for anyone looking for a super cool, affordable alternative to a Poverty Barn or Restoration Hard-to-swallow table.

Theres also a super cool coffee table in there as well. That was a fun piece to build. I ended up painting the base a matte black, which I never do, and really liked the end result…maybe some painting is in my future(?)

Sorry for the informal pics…the customers are still finishing up construction of the reception hall…which btw is going to be awesome when its finished. If you’re in Ogden and getting married, I highly suggest giving Scott and Mitzi a call and checking out the Grand View Reception Center…great folks and a cool venue!

Table is offered at $1150

DSC02836 DSC02837 DSC02838 DSC02839 DSC02840 DSC02841 DSC02842 DSC02848



DSC02847 DSC02845 DSC02844

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