More handcrafted awesomeness….

Many of you know that Im a bike geek.  I like bikes…a lot. I especially like steel frames.  I got nuthin against new, super-cool carbon fiber stuff…love those too! But there’s something about a steel frame that I’ve always loved.

So…anyway…when the day is done, the kids are off to bed, and Im winding down with some random documentary on TV…I have the laptop open and Im browsing bikes.  Over the years Ive come to be familiar with a ton of small, boutique builders and their frames.  One such builder is Walt Wehner…owner and sole builder of Waltworks Bikes

Walt has been building frames for about ten years…steel frames….really cool, tig welded steel frames.  Walt, like myself, is also a recent transplant to Park City.  I reached out to Walt a little while back due to the fact that we were both new to the area and also because we share a love for the two most important things in life….bikes and beer (note: the two most important things in life will change to skiing and beer this December)

So me and Walt got together to chat bikes and ponder the many wonders of the world and I was able to put my hands on some of his unfinished frames and see his work.  Being a welder myself I have not only a tremendous appreciation for stuff like this but also a profound interest in the actual process of cutting and welding the tubes into what eventually becomes an actual bike frame.  In one word…beauty.  The attention to detail and accuracy of the angles and cuts is amazing.

Walt doesn’t produce 1/1000th the quantity of some of the big box brands….I don’t think thats what he’s after anyway.  He builds because he loves to build.  He builds by hand…one at a time…customized for each customer.  Steel, as a frame material for bikes, has definitely taken a back seat to newer technology these days, but one thing remains….its a classic…timeless….and the best steel frames are the ones that are hand made…one at a time…by a craftsman…like Walt.  Just another example of what could be considered as “Modern Americana”

1121431329_a6LsB-O Gal23 image Luke17 photo (18) photo (34) the ride Waltworks

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