No Wine-ing!

Ok…maybe a little wine-ing ; )

Glass and Ceramic insulators have become super popular over the last few years…and for good reason…  They’s pretty cool.

Here’s a few of them still on the original iron hangar that would have been bolted to a power pole way back when.  Most people end up with a collection of single/random insulators that they display on a shelf somewhere…some handy folks will even turn them into cool halogen lights (I’ve had this on my to-do list for waaayyyyy too long…maybe its time to build some!).

I knew right away what I was going to do with these when I saw them….wine rack!  Some stuff like this can turn out a little too shabby-chic or nick-knack-y for me….but this doesn’t lend itself to that in my opinion.  I think the bucolic mood of the insulators married with the amaranthine form of the wine makes for a great harmony.


DSC02719 DSC02720 DSC02721


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