Its the little things….

So… Im currently building a trestle table for a customer.  Rather than having four legs, a trestle table is supported on each end by vertical columns with a horizontal member attached to the top and bottom of the column that act as the support for the table top as well as the “feet”.

Well, considering that the “feet” of this table have such a large, flat contact area on the floor I was concerned that variations in the wood and even variations in the the customers floor would result in a small wobble.  The table is extremely ridged and won’t allow for any flex or deflection to level itself out so the only answer was to install some adjustable feet to make up for any discrepancy in the wood or the floor. Even a 1/16″ can make a table wobble.

I found these adjustable feet but wasn’t really happy/satisfied with the silly little plastic doo-dad thingys that came with them.  The table is pretty heavy and I just didn’t trust the plastic things to hold up over time.  I ditched the junky plastic in favor of some steel fasteners…worked out great and will help me sleep better at night knowing these will last forever.  Boom…problem solved.

Pics of the finished table soon!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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