Murphy Bed

I used to think these were just silly…always thought a pull-out couch was a better idea.  Then a client approached me about building one.  I have to admit that at first I wasn’t all that interested but after seeing their home and where the bed was planned to be installed, I changed my tune a little.  This particular Murphy Bed was to take the place of a traditional bed in a large, finished laundry room.  It was simply “extra” sleeping arrangements if ever needed.  The traditional bed took up a lot of floor space and was rarely ever used.  A pull-out couch wasn’t really the answer since it would also take up floorspace and still rarely ever get used as a bed…let alone a couch.  Enter…Murphy Bed!  If you’ve ever seen the typical way most folks finish their Murphy Beds….its…well…pretty bad. Particle board with fake oak laminate…brass handles….no wonder these things gets bad rap!  Fortunately, this client wanted something a little more unique.  The face and shelves have been finished in reclaimed Wyoming snow fence, while the pieces and components of the bed and frame I fabricated out of Maple ply and stained a beautiful gray to compliment the snow fence.  Add in a custom steel shelf that I welded up that serves double duty as the legs when the bed is opened up…and there you have it!

Im kinda diggin’ the murphy Bed these days ; )

photo 1

...the name's Bed....Murphy Bed

…the name’s Bed….Murphy Bed

2 Responses to “Murphy Bed”

  1. Can you tell me how much this cost to have you build/install it?

    • Hi Holly.
      This Murphy bed as pictured was $3200, however, these are all custom built so size, choice of material and finishes all have an impact on cost.
      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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