Lipstick on a pig….

A long time ago, before I started building furniture, we bought our stuff at places like PB and RH. Nice stuff…not gonna argue…but what are you really paying for? We had purchased a couple storage units a while back that we used to set our tv on. As time went on and we moved a few times, we had less and less need for the units and they got dinged up and scratched and even a little bastardized. Once such bastardization was that the shelves that they came with were no longer needed so rather than pitching them, I repurposed one as a shelf in my shop. It was fairly deep and I need to trim it down so it met its fate on the table saw. As I started cutting I noticed a bunch of white dust being sprayed all over.  To my surprise (not really…) the shelf was simply wood veneer glued to styrofoam. It wasn’t solid wood….it wasn’t made by hand…it wasn’t “real”. Some may argue that it doesn’t matter “how” it got to be what it is and that its the end that justifies the means. But I disagree. I like “real” things. I like wood…that came from a tree….that went to a sawmill…that ended up in my shop being cut, sanded, stained and built into furniture. In the end, it all comes down to what we choose to surround ourselves with. Im not arguing that the pieces one can buy from these big stores aren’t nice….it is beautiful looking stuff. But when I write a check for something such as this I like to know that Im not paying hundreds of dollars for styrofoam.


High quality styrofoam form Pottery Barn!

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