Not really a project, but something I think is pretty cool. This is one of many old cameras I have. Polaroid doesn’t make film for this camera anymore…they haven’t in quite some time. It’s a shame since this camera is in remarkable condition for its age and I would love to shoot it…I wonder if it was ever actually used. Polaroid recently quit manufacturing other film as well…really great, cool film like Type 55. A lot of large format shooters shot this film exclusively due to its ultra fine grain, wide latitude, and amazing tone. I had the chance to shoot some of this a while back with mixed results (mainly due to my own inexperience) but when it was all said and done, looking back, I truly enjoyed the whole process. Anyway, my point is, that we used to make really cool things. America was able to produce things in its short lifespan of a few hundred years that redefined the world. Progression is inevitable, however, it would be a shame to forget the things that got us where we are today. I like to remember things like Polaroid. I like to remember all the cool, iconic styles and trademarks that have fallen by the wayside as the world progresses. This has been a major inspiration for Modern Americana.

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